Pricilla Torres


Priscilla’s journey into the yoga world began in 2014 and believes we can create positivity and community through intention and energy. She has a strong desire to help guide her students past their fears and insecurities of stepping into the unknown and being able to cultivate trust, empowerment, determination and joy within themselves. Priscilla shares her history of self development, courage, strength and playfulness in order to provide a safe and trusting environment. Yoga is about living in the present moment awareness from the perspective of Oneness, in Divine Union. 

Priscilla is a 200-RYT with Yoga Alliance, completing her training at Yoga4Ewa focusing on the traditional style of Ashtanga. Being a student of the practice enlightened her to the infinite amount of teachings that comes from both teachers and students being able to improve and learn everyday. She is continuously expanding her teaching abilities to share this love of life, lived from all aspects of the eight limbed path. It was in 2016 when she was drawn to Acroyoga after watching the inspiring Scoop and Ashlynn flow from one movement to the next without a word spoken between them. Acroyoga is a beautiful practice that connects you and others through breath, movement, and play. Through partner exercises, students learn proper techniques, refine skills and balance, strengthen the core, and practice foundational alignment but mostly learn to let go and trust in each others abilities. Acroyoga is a natural progression and the inspiration is endless. 

As an instructor Priscilla aims to serve and unite her passion for health through mind, body, and spirit for the sake of a connection that create sustainability. She holds a space for her students to explore the healing power of Yoga, assisting them to see beyond their own limits and to evolve to their fullest potential.